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The Blue Goose Cattle Company believes in the principles of organic production. This is a system of farming that minimizes the impact on the environment. The primary focus is to maintain a healthy soil and develop a balanced farm ecosystem that is environmentally sustainable.

"Look after the water and land, and they will look after you and your animals."

As an organic livestock production outfit, certified by both Canadian and United States associations, we attempt to accommodate our animals’ natural nutritional and behavioral requirements.

For ruminants, cud-chewing animals, this includes access to pasture, and we maintain organic pasture for all our free-range cattle to graze. Even our finishing feed is certified organic for our certified organic herd.

Our commitment to organic ranching is a commitment to food safety. To maintain our quality standards, all levels of government are involved in the slaughtering, processing, packaging, labeling and handling of our animals and Blue Goose Beef products.

Our animals are taken to government inspected facilities that follow stringent processing standards. To maintain our quality standards, these facilities must agree to dry age (hang) our beef for 2l days before breaking it down into individual portions.

After butchering, the cuts are individually weighed, butcher paper wrapped or vacuum packed (depending on customer preference), and then blast frozen. Our packaging and freezing process ensure that our products are completely safe and nutritionally sound.

To ensure that Blue Goose standards are met, our verification system tracks each animal from birth right through to government inspection of the individual portions. Information regarding process control, carcass value, and customer acceptance are passed through to ensure complete satisfaction with our product.

At The Blue Goose Cattle Company, we are very proud of our exclusive line of Blue Goose Beef products.