Everybody’s favorite ... Health

Our care and attention to animal health begins at birth. Permitting nature to operate, we observe the benefits as our calves are raised by their mothers for the first months of their lives. Now, the benefits are passed along in the form of meat that is richer in Vitamin E, CLA, beta-carotene and essential fatty acids. Add to that the fact that all of our animals are fed a strictly vegetarian diet, and you have beef that can be enjoyed with confidence ... even on the bone.


While factory farming may increase profitability for corporate owners, it can erode the health and quality of life for ranch workers and members of the surrounding community. At its purest, organic farming not only sustains but also upgrades the environment for future generations, thereby enriching the surrounding communities.

As a family owned ranch, we care deeply about our neighbors ... and they care about us. That’s the way it is out here. But we know that many of our urban customers also support the tight-knit way of life that small-scale production allows. We know because they choose our products ... products that demand more individual attention in order to meet the vigorous codes of Blue Goose organic production.

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