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There is an old saying that we still believe rings true ... 'You can't push the river.' It's called divine time, and by having the patience to practice the highest standards of ranching, we feel we are able to provide you with the safest and most delicious beef products.

High-quality pasture is the key to high-quality meat, and our home range blesses our Angus-cross cattle. Eating the diet that nature intended, moving in the manner that nature intended, our pastured animals receive the amounts and kinds of nutrients that they expect to be fed. Their rate of growth is determined by their genetics and the quality of the forage, not hormonal implants or growth-promoting additives. Our organic herd has the additional distinction of only being finished on feed from organically grown grains.


We are proud to offer the finest organic beef products. Our commitment to both our cattle and our customers ensures that whether you're a city chef or a country cook, you will discover that Blue Goose Beef is appreciated best when eaten.


Premium Organic Beef
Certified Organic Beef